FoFiPrint - An Easy to Use Directory Printer
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Frequently Asked Questions...
What is FoFiPrint?
FoFiPrint is an easy to use, low cost, Windows utility that lets you print a listing of folders, their subfolders, and the files contained in those folders. “Fo” stands for “Folder” and “Fi” stands for “Files”. People often refer to FoFiPrint as a directory and file listing utility, a folder and file listing utility, or a directory printer.
How do I print a directory listing / how do I print a folder listing?
Printing a list of directories, or printing a list of files is easy with FoFiPrint. Simply use the browse button to select the directory or folder that you need to list and choose the option to list folders only. Then just click “Print Preview”.
How do I print a file listing / how do I print a folder and file listing?
Printing a list of directories and files, or printing a list of folders and files is again very easy with FoFiPrint. Just click the browse button to select your directory or folder, make sure the option to “List Folders and Files” is selected; then, simply click “Print Preview”.
What output options are available for printing directory and file lists / for printing folders and file lists?
You have two print output options available when you use the FoFiPrint directory and file list utility. First you can send a list of your directories (or a list of your files) to your default web browser. This is the default printing option. Secondly, you can choose the option to export a list of your directories and files to your CSV program. If you have Microsoft Office (Microsoft Excel) installed, Excel will likely be the program that will handle your CSV files and your directory listing will likely open in Excel. You can then manipulate your file list any way you wish.
Who would use the FoFiPrint directory printer software?
Just about everyone. Anyone who needs to create a list of directories and files can use FoFiPrint. General office staff, project managers, accountants, lawyers, auditors, etc., will find value in FoFiPrint. It can be used to create a listing of files that reside in a folder on your “C drive”, on network share, or on a CD/DVD. If you archive files on CDs or DVDs, for example, you can use FoFiPrint to print a list of the folders and files to store with the archive.
How do I install the FoFiPrint folder and file listing utility?
Installing the FoFiPrint file utility is simple. Just download the trial version of FoFiPrint and save the file to your desktop (or any folder of your choosing). Then, extract the zip file and click the setup file to start the install. When the install begins, just follow the instructions on screen. The install process is short and simple. The evaluation version can list up to three subfolders and up to fifty files per folder. You can unlock the evaluation version by purchasing a product key — you will not need to reinstall FoFiPrint. Simply use the "Pricing" link, located on the main menu of to purchase your product key.
Is there technical support available for the FoFiPrint folder and file listing (directory printer) utility?
Yes. If you support the continued development of FoFiPrint by purchasing a product key, e-mail based technical support is available for the product. Further details on support are available on the FoFiPrint website (
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